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Welcome to SCS Admissions!

Admission to Stockdale Christian School is where the vision begins! Stockdale Christian School is where your child or children will develop solid foundations for life; a foundation of faith, academic achievement, extracurricular talents and fantastic Christian social engagement as they prepare for their future.

Admission is based on the parental desire for Christian education. SCS administration encourages that each family fully supports SCS’ standards, philosophy and statement of faith. In addition, they must exemplify a consistent standard of ethical, Biblical morality.

To schedule a tour of the campus, please call the Main Office at (661) 327-3927, and we will be happy to assist!

Kindergarten Admissions

To successfully register and apply for admission to Kindergarten, the child must be five years of age by September 1st. Parents of children who will be five years of age by September 1st need to complete the Kindergarten Application for Admission form and submit it to the elementary school office.

Either our kindergarten or preschool teachers will test all prospective kindergartners.  Initial testing will take place during the second week of April.  If your child is currently enrolled in Stockdale Christian Preschool, testing will take place at the preschool.  All other applicants will need to schedule a testing appointment with the elementary school office.

Once the testing process is completed, parents will be contacted by the Elementary School Office to schedule an interview. The interview process for Kindergarten will start the first week of May.

Once the interview process is complete, with a recommendation to enroll, enrollment forms will be issued to the parents.

Enrollment is based on collaborative information given by preschools, testers, parents, and administration.  At every level of the process, the welfare of the child is given priority.


Application for Admissions, 1st – 8th Grades

Our program of Christian discipleship is the best way to “train up a child in the way he should go.” Kids are great imitators. A Christian teacher who takes a personal view of each student will have a tremendous impact, not only on their studies, but on the student’s attitude toward all aspects of life. Choosing a Christian school will be the best investment you will ever make.


SCS Summer Program - Exiting Kindergarten to Exiting 6th Grade

For information about Stockdale Christian School’s Summer Program, click on the links below:

International Students & Hosting Family Applications

For over 15 years, Stockdale Christian School has been serving international students from around the world. By integrating insights, cultural expressions and perspectives from different backgrounds into our school community, all students have been enriched. Our mission is to have all international students fully integrated into SCS through language, curriculum, and extracurricular activities. For any questions, please call the school office and ask for Henry Lee, Director of International Students. (661) 327-3927.

Tuition Assistance

For questions about tuition assistance, please call our school office at (661) 327-3927. Let’s talk about your needs and see what’s available.

CA Educational Code AB 500
For information regarding SCS’ policy regarding AB 500, please click here.